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PacketMaker™ II SAS/SATA 訊號產生器

PacketMaker™ 第二代 SAS/SATA訊號產生器,是一台非常彈性、容易設定的協定訊號產生器。對於主機Controller端或是裝置Device端的開發人員來說,PacketMaker™ 提供絕佳的圖形化操作介面,輕易SAS / SATA 模擬主機Controller或是裝置Device,使開發者能夠完全掌控測試條件,對待測物進行測試。


PacketMaker 從第一代USB-based 硬體介面,演化到目前第二代 PCI-based 訊號產生器,他可以當作 Bus Exerciser 單獨使用,也可以和Bus Doctor™ SAS/SATA 協定分析儀或 Xgig SAS/SATA 協定分析儀系列搭配使用,提供完整的訊號模擬解決方案。

  • FULL DUPLEX SAS PORTS (1.5 & 3.0 Gb/s): Each card can generate and receive traffic on up to 2 SAS links at the same time.
  • CARD SYNCHRONIZATION: Two cards can be synchronized to allow up to 4 links of traffic generation and reception.
  • PROTOCOL SUPPORT: Supports SSP, SMP, and STP (SATA) protocols.
  • SEQUENCE CONTROL PACKETS: Send packets, wait-for packets, compare packets and more.
  • HOT-PLUG CONNECTIVITY: Simulates hot-plug events by forcing the Tx lines into common-mode voltage.
  • CONTROL / COMMAND REGISTERS: Allows user to create and modify behavior packets.
  • DATA STREAM CREATION: Enables easy payload generation using several data streams, including walking 1s,
    incrementing patterns, random patterns, and user files.
  • PROGRAMMABLE ERROR GENERATION: Capable of sending many types of bit and protocol errors. SAS Frames can
    also be altered to change parameters in fields, add additional fields or manipulate data fields with dynamic data.
  • DYNAMIC ERROR INJECTION: Allows user insertion of errors onto the SAS bus in real time. Errors such as CRC, 10b and
    disparity can be inserted at anytime in the packet stream.
  • EVENT LOGGING: Logs several key events, such as Errors Transmitted and Data Miscompares.
  • ACTIVITY LOG: Contains the information received and transmitted on the links.
  • WAIT STATES: User may set the amount of time to wait before sending the next packet. This can range from 26.67 ns to 8 hours.
  • BUILT-IN DIAGNOSTICS: Verifies device functionality using built-in diagnostics such as a Power On Self test or Out of Band (OOB) Signaling. There is also a memory initialization test to insure the memory on the PM2 is functioning properly.
  • PACKET DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE: Simple to use GUI interface that easily allows creation and generation of
    packet streams as well as bus monitoring.
  • API TOOLKIT: Provides an API (Application Programming Interface) toolkit to generate packet streams and send traffic using C functions.
  • LINK AND PORT MODE: Supports multi-link (Link Mode) and multi-port (Port Mode) packet streams. In Port Mode, commands are queued across multiple SAS links using one of five user selectable algorithms (i.e. round robin, random).
  • AUTO TARGET MODE: Useful when it is difficult or impossible to foresee and program in initiator activity sequence. Provides initiator with layered control.
  • 8B/10B HARDWARE ENCODING/DECODING: Performs time-sensitive 8b/10b encoding/decoding functions in the hardware.
  • SAS OUT OF BAND FUNCTION: Can vary the timing and duration of SAS Out of Band (OOB) sequences to test device ability to handle them.
  • CUSTOM PHY RESET SEQUENCE: Script a Phy Reset sequence or SATA port selector or a single com wake for
    SATA power management

原廠簡介 - JDS Uniphase Corp.

JDS Uniphase Corporation (JDSU) 位於美國加州矽谷Milpitas,2009.7.15併購Finisar Nettools Division成立 Test & Measurement部門。主要產品為電腦匯流排協定分析儀,包括儲存介面匯流排 CE-ATA, MMC, SD, SDIO, ATA/ATAPI, SCSI/U320, SATA, SAS, Compact Flash,以及電腦匯流排 USB, PCIe, PCMCIA, CardBus, Logic Analysis等,另提供封包產生器(Pattern Generator)、Target Emulator、ERROR INJECTION產品,BERT錯誤率的測試。


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