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6G THz 通訊測試
6G THz 通訊測試

6月27日 週二



6G THz 通訊測試



2023年6月27日 上午10:00 – 上午11:00



THz waves佔據微波和光波之間的光譜。其連續大頻段的特色用以滿足Tbit/s範圍內極高的資料傳輸速率以及聯合通訊和感知等革命性服務的需求,使其成為下一代無線通訊6G的關鍵研究領域。



  •  受益於(sub-)THz頻段的6G案例
  •  如何可靠地訪問D-band元件和設備的性能
  •  傳輸介質對D-band訊號傳播的影響

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Meik Kottkamp Technology Manager Rohde & Schwarz

Meik Kottkamp has more than 25 years of technology experience in the cellular industry. He is Principal Technology Manager Wireless for Rohde & Schwarz in Munich and is responsible for strategic marketing and product portfolio development covering existing and new 3GPP technologies. His focus is 5G NR, specifically for industrial applications, and 6G research. Meik joined Rohde & Schwarz in August 2007 after working for 11 years for Siemens and NSN. He holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree of electrical and microwave engineering from the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany.

Matthias Weilhammer Product Manager Rohde & Schwarz

Matthias Weilhammer is a Product Manager for the signal generator department at Rohde & Schwarz. His main focus is on RF testing applications in the wireless market. Before joining Rohde & Schwarz in 2012, he gained experience as a wireless application engineer and in hardware development. Matthias holds a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration and Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany.


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