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EMI 合規性測試 – 自步進式到寬頻時域掃描
EMI 合規性測試 – 自步進式到寬頻時域掃描

7月11日 週二



EMI 合規性測試 – 自步進式到寬頻時域掃描

本線上研討會將提供實際展示,展示現代寬頻 FFT 的時域掃描 EMI 接收機測試,相對於傳統步進掃描接收機或頻譜分析儀的優勢


2023年7月11日 上午10:00 – 上午11:00



根據 CISPR 標準的發射測試,間歇性干擾檢測對 EMI 測試接收機有最嚴格的要求。


羅德史瓦茲 ESW EMI 測試接收機的頻寬高達 970 MHz,提供無可比擬的即時FFT處理測量頻寬,可進行廣泛的分析和除錯,顯示寬廣且詳細的頻譜圖,而不會錯過任何脈衝。

本線上研討會將提供實際展示,展示現代寬頻 FFT 的時域掃描 EMI 接收機測試,相對於傳統步進掃描接收機或頻譜分析儀的優勢

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Tobias Groß Product Manager EMI test receivers Rohde & Schwarz

Tobias Groß has been with Rohde & Schwarz since 2018 as a product manager for EMI Test Receivers with a particular focus on compliance testing. He regularly shares his EMI testing knowledge at seminars and workshops, connecting the worlds of EMI receiver development, and customer needs. He studied electrical engineering in Berlin (Germany) and Waterloo (Canada) and was acquired T&M experience concentrating on EMI both in industry and research institutes.

Deon Pfafferot Market Segment Manager ADT Rohde & Schwarz

Deon Pfafferott joined Rohde & Schwarz in April 2011 to lead global business development for Test & Measurement in Aerospace & Defence, and has more than 20 years of international business development experience in the fields of Electronic and Industrial Engineering. Currently, he is the Market Segment Manager for Test & Measurement applications in Aerospace & Defence.


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