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如何確保車載乙太網符合 OPEN Alliance TC15規範?
如何確保車載乙太網符合 OPEN Alliance TC15規範?

12月06日 週二



如何確保車載乙太網符合 OPEN Alliance TC15規範?

OPEN Alliance是車載乙太網的全球機構,通過專業技術委員會制定電氣要求和測試程式,確保製造商在產品發佈之前使用適當的測試儀器和治具,是符合這些標準不可或缺的關鍵步驟。


2022年12月06日 上午10:00 – 上午11:00




ADAS、資訊娛樂和汽車5G的發展正在推動車用數據速率提高,乙太網速率高達10 Gbps,是支持汽車通信實現的重要技術 — 然而,隨著數據速率持續提高,製造商品質需確保電纜和元件的性能和相容性變得越來越重要。

OPEN  Alliance是車載乙太網的全球機構,通過專業技術委員會制定電氣要求和測試程式,確保製造商在產品發佈之前使用適當的測試儀器和治具,是符合這些標準不可或缺的關鍵步驟。


  • 車載乙太網的最新發展
  • OPEN Alliance TC9 和 TC15 的更新
  • 深入分析不同的MultiGigabit測試模式
  • 車載乙太網測試技術
  • 10GBASE-T1 PMA 一致性測試的實際演示


Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos

Former Market Segment Manager, Automotive

Rohde & Schwarz

Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos is a former Automotive Market Segment Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, specializing in E/E, infotainment and next generation In-Vehicle Networks. Nik is an active member of the OPEN Alliance group focusing on 1000BASE-T1 and MultiGigabit automotive Ethernet as well as Vice-Chair of the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) Marketing Committee and actively contributing to the upcoming ASA Motion Link specification.

Jithu Abraham

Product Manager, Oscilloscopes and Probes

Rohde & Schwarz

Jithu Abraham works for Rohde & Schwarz as a product manager for the UK, Ireland and the Benelux region, specializing in oscilloscopes. He enjoys all aspects of high-speed digital, wireless communication, efficient power conversion and all the challenges they bring. Jithu holds an engineering degree in electronics and communication from the Anna University in India and a master’s degree in RF systems from the University of Southampton. He has been working for Rohde & Schwarz for over 12 years.

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