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VIAVI is honored to have received approval from the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG). The PCI-SIG® is a consortium of more than 800 member companies that owns and manages PCI specifications as open industry standards. This approval allows the VIAVI Xgig® Exerciser to be used for PCIe® Link and Transaction protocol compliance testing conducted by the PCI-SIG. PCIe technology compliance testing takes place during PCI-SIG workshops where component manufacturers have their new designs validated. Products that pass compliance testing may be added to an Integrators List administered by the PCI-SIG. The list enables finished goods manufacturers of servers, PCs, peripherals and other products that use a PCIe bus to quickly identify tested and compliant components. With this approval, our VIAVI Xgig Exerciser for PCIe5 will be used in these workshops for PCIe 4.0 testing, the highest level for which compliance is presently available. Manufacturers can also use our equipment in their own labs to prepare for PCI-SIG compliance events, and for PCIe 5.0 device analysis.

Critical for Component Development

Exerciser emulating Root Complex (left diagram) or an Endpoint Device (right diagram)Exercisers are especially important at the beginning of the product and component development process. They emulate either the root complex or an endpoint device—generate data traffic and inject protocol errors—enabling engineers to push the limits of the PCIe bus and their device design. Exercisers aid in validating functionality and performance to minimize product failures and time-consuming redesigns. Exercisers execute the PCIe compliance test suite.

Part of a Versatile, Multi-functional Platform

Unlike single-function exercisers that offer limited analysis capability, the VIAVI Xgig Exerciser for PCIe 5.0 shares a platform with the fully-functional Xgig Analyzer for robust and detailed, bit-level trace captures. In fact, the versatile Xgig 5P16 system integrates full Analyzer, Exerciser and Jammer functions on a single chassis. The Xgig PCIe5 platform also supports Analyzer bifurcation and simultaneous multi-user (SMU) capability enabling engineers in any location to perform simultaneous independent tests on the same 5P16 system. The multifunctional capability of the VIAVI PCIe5 analysis platform provides users with tool flexibility, productivity, time-to-market and cost saving benefits that single-function equipment cannot offer.

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